Bondi Apartment I

Bondi Apartment I

McNab Apartment

North Bondi Apartment I | The apartment is set in a tropical-blue Art Deco building, built c. 1930, and is one of Bondi’s iconic buildings with views down the beach. The design, finishes and colours of the Art Deco period was simpler than those of the decorative buildings of the previous style in the 1920’s. Renovations to the building involved extensive research to reference key elements of the original colour scheme and protect the buildings heritage status for future generations.

The existing interior space was restored to expose the original architectural elements such as the Kauri floor and cornicing. The integration of new joinery and in-built seating responds to the requirements of modern living and addresses the lack of storage and living space inherent to small spaces. The use of colour and creation of forms throughout the apartment mimics the environment found within Bondi to form a direct connection between beach and building.

Featured on  and Domain's article written by Anna Anderson New buildings squeeze their way into North Bondi, but buyers clamber after old-school art deco apartments

Photographer Michael Nicholson
Supporting Photographer Tony St Leger

Dining Room Built In


north bondi

51 sqm

AMA Bay Blue Bondi Glass
Bathroom Local Inspiration
Living Room Built in planter

Floor Plan

Floor plan
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