Riley's Terrace

Riley's Terrace

Riley's Terrace Courtyard

Riley's Terrace Redfern | The design focuses primarily on the delivery of natural light, maximising the physical space on a small-scale project and establishing a connection back to the land and the fabric of Redfern.

The courtyard creates a central hub and the established Grass Tree within stands tall and anchors the space. Having a flexible living/working space on the laneway provides a breakout area for the occupants and offers relief from the main residence.  Joinery is concentrated within the main residence to offer ample storage. The use of simple materials in their raw form grounds the project. The structure is exposed where possible, and the earth-coloured concrete offers warmth and comfort. The round skylight in the main residence, filters light onto the spiral staircase and kitchen area to capture the daily movement of the sun. The oversized awning windows improve the flow of air and shield the benchseat during rain.

Photographer Clinton Weaver

Builder Owner Builder

Structural Engineer Alba & Associates

Riley's Terrace Front Door Riley's Terrace Arch

Riley's Terrace Staircase
Riley's Terrace Courtyard Riley's Terrace Toilet
Riley's Terrace Bathroom Riley's Terrace Outdoor Shower
Riley's Terrace Laneway Facade
Riley's Terrace Kitchen
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